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A Project is a collection of activities or task that is done for a specific purpose/goal for a certain time frame with limited resources. Project Manajement is the activity of planning,managing, and controlling all aspects of the project.
It is essential for an organization to have a mindset in project management since it will save the resources of that organization and will give optimum results. This is a paradox thinking of business as usual.-- Tresna-msproject senior trainer

According the Project Manajement Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) There are nine aspects of Project management which are :

  • 1. Project Integration Management
  • 2. Project Scope Management
  • 3. Project Time Management
  • 4. Project Cost Management
  • 5. Project Quality Management
  • 6. Project Human Resource Management
  • 7. Project Communications Management
  • 8. Project Risk Management
  • 9. Project Procurement Management

Microsoft Project considers all these aspects and manages them.

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